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Angela Fortin
Licensed Esthetician
Nikki Muscato
Licensed Esthetician
Kristie Panetta
Licensed Esthetician

Our goal is to provide facials that are as effective as they are luxurious. Everyone deserves great skin and it's easier to achieve than you may think. Using some of the most advanced products on the market, we address the specific needs of each individual's skin and provide you with an effective home care regimen.

Professional peels that have been used by doctors for a long time are now offered to you in a relaxing atmosphere. Peels help to reduce the depth of surface lines and smooth rough skin. They are also used to treat skin discoloration and redness and assist in clearing acne. New smooth glowing skin is revealed by loosening dead cells from the skin's surface. A customized treatment plan will be developed for your specific skin care needs and because the products are lower grade, there is less downtime.
Prices starting at $90
Includes consultation an
d after care products
> PCA Peels®
> PCA Professional™ TCA Peels
> Retinol Treatments
> Salicylic Acid Treatments
> Oxygenation and Detoxifying Treatments

Prices starting at $125

These facials will be personalized based on the needs of each client's skin. Whether your skin is dry, oily or problematic, the appropriate cleanser, mask and moisturizer will be used to achieve the best results. This is an excellent treatment for all skin types.

The ultimate anti-aging treatment that lightens and brightens your skin!
Using a combination of Vitamins A, E and C, retinol, salicylic and fruit acids this facial removes dead cells, deeply cleanses pores, increases collagen and elastin and inhibits melanin production leading to lighter, brighter and healthier skin that makes you look younger...and helps to protect the skin from the aging process.

Achieve more supple and firm skin.
This is a new generation of aesthetic treatment that is safe, painless and perfect for skin rejuvenation. Using ultrasonic waves for a deep cleansing action, this treatment penetrates needed nutrients into underlying tissues of the skin leaving it cleansed, revitalized and glowingly radiant.


Bringback a healthy glow to your skin.
Give your skin the rest it deserves. This treatment protects, rebuilds, infuses and relieves your skin from environmental damage and day to day stress. Probiotics and vitamins are used to replace what is being lost on a regular basis.


It's what every teenager should know!
This is a half hour treatment to help educate teenagers on the importance of proper skin care. The session includes a deep cleansing, exfoliation, and proper mask application, not only treating their skin, but teaching them how to take care of their skin.


This procedure provides proven results and has been offered in Hollywood for years. As the process is performed to the skin, hundreds of superficial micro-channels are created every few seconds. It's Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)stimulates the skin's natural ability to heal itself. As a result, new collagen and elastin produce softer, firmer skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars and textural issues.

One Treatment:
$350 w/hyaluronic acid
$450 w/Growth Factor

Package Treatment (four treatments):
$1,150 w/hyaluronic acid
$1,550 w. Groth Factor

Note: Treatment prices include face and neck. Additional areas discussed and treatment will be $100 more per treatment session.
*Package treatments are recommended for best results.

An innovative anti-aging treatment for mature skin that slows and reverses skin damage. Whish supplements the body's natural anti-aging mechanisms with a rich blend of active ingredients and ensures that customers see real long term improvements in skin quality for younger and smoother skin structure and tone.

Nature in service of beatuy. BioPhyto is where science meets nature to create products with unique qualities and outstanding results in fighting off damage done to the skin. Together with clean chemistry, these advancements have enabled Christina to develop state-of-the-art products that make the skin bloom again, restoring balance, vitality and glow. Perfect for acne and rosacea clients.

Call for an appointment! 518.785.6300

From Latham circle follow route 2 east. The Image Studio shares a building with Bolt Discount Fabric and Design on the left, ¼ of a mile from the Latham circle.


Owners Angela Fortin and Paula Wachtel invite you to experience The Image Studio. They have combined their expertise and imagination in this beautiful new Salon. The Image Studio reflects their dedication and commitment to your satisfaction.

The atmosphere in the salon is truly relaxing and welcoming. You will be pampered with personalized care in a private and intimate setting. Leave feeling beautiful and revitalized. The Image Studio, where style and professionalism create an exceptional experience in beauty.

Salon Hours
Monday by appointment  
Tues — Thurs 9-8pm
Friday 9-5pm
Saturday 9-3pm
We kindly request that you give 24 hours notice when canceling an appointment