Happy New Year!

Turn up the Moisture

Cold air is very dry and takes its toll on your hair and skin during winter. Many people experience dry, brittle, frizzy hair, and their skin can become extra dry, even flaky.

Hair responds differently in the winter, so it's important to switch up your home care regimen with products that are rich in moisture. Change out your normal hair conditioner for a more moisture-intense product to ensure that your hair gets enough nutrients, and add a leave-in for another layer of protection throughout the day. Once a week is an ideal deep treatment frequency any time of the year, but if you live in an area with low temperatures and wind, opt for slathering on a good moisturizing mask more often to ensure that your hair gets enough moisture.

The scalp is an area that tends to be overlooked, so add an extra massage when washing your hair to increase the blood flow for a healthier scalp and hair growth.

Skin also needs extra moisture this time of year. Using a manual exfoliation once or twice a week will eliminate dead skin allowing your moisturizer to penetrate deeper maximizing the efficacy. Using a hydrating mask once a week will also help with added hydration. Hyaluronic Acid products are an excellent choice as it helps to bind moisture to your skin.

We have many treatments both in the salon and products for home use to help keep your hair and skin healthy and hydrated this winter!

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